3 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Game Today

On Episode 1 of TR Talk, our guest Rich Stone provides 3 actions that we can take today to improve our social selling game on Twitter. We start talking about social selling at 22:20 in the podcast.

3 Actions to Take Today on Twitter:

  1. Share content daily. This could be re-tweeting or sharing unique content. The minimum is 1 contribution a day, and ideally 5.
  2. Build a list of people you are looking to influence. Tom also talks about creating a list for clients, thought leaders, and influencers from your company. A list for competitors could also be a good idea.
  3. Engage wither others. This could be liking or commenting with those you are looking to influence.

Rich provides a good 10 minutes of content on social selling, outside of the above. Listen to the original audio here.

What other tactics should we be thinking about to improve one's social selling game?

Ryan Warner is an account executive on Salesforce’s Financial Services team. Ryan also co-hosts the TR Talk Podcast, where co-host Tom Alaimo and Ryan interview leaders in their fields to learn how millennials can make an impact in today’s workforce.

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