Going All In: From Poker Pro to Marketing Master

Tr Talk Podcast is about learning and getting better. One way to get better is by welcoming obstacles and failures to hone your skills. That's easy to type and when you read it, sounds appealing enough. But, what if you were jobless, had 50 consecutive interviews that all ended in rejection? Would you give up, or settle?

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Today's guest Charlie Liang can answer that question because he's been there. A former poker pro (which we discuss extensively, Charlie contemplated moving to Mexico after the online poker scene crashed on what is now known as Black Friday in April 2011. After his 51st interview, a job at Google was landed, and ever since, Charlie has forged his way into a thought leader in the martech world, continues to play multiple instruments and is working on his DJ skills.

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Having a passion to be the best at your craft.

Focusing on what you can control in the midst of chaos.

This episode goes DEEP into the above topics, and we also get into a few poker stories. Enjoy!

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