Are You the Source of Emotional Waste?

What the Hell is a Drama Researcher?

Cy Wakeman (2x New York Times bestseller) is a drama researcher. What the hell is a drama researcher, I asked during a podcast we recently recorded with Cy?

Essentially, Cy researches energy (time & money) wasted in the workplace due to drama (emotional waste). Turns out, it’s a big problem as the average person spends 2.5 hours per day in drama.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have so stop wasting your time!

Humans love being around positive people.

Are you the source of drama? Here is a quick sniff test. Are you:

· Complaining

· Gossiping

· Venting

· Score keeping

· Resisting change

· Focusing on things outside of your control?

If so, you could be a source of emotional waste.

But, what’s great about Cy is that she’s focused on helping folks identify the two main sources of drama, and course-correct.

Source 1: Ego Behavior

The ego acts as a pair of glasses that distorts how we see the world. The ego — if left unchecked — can narrate your life and creates a negative story.

After the podcast with Cy, I noticed my ego was coming out to play every time I walked by a person on the way to work. Every time I walked by this person they didn’t say hi, and in turn I made up a story that they were rude. One day I decided to stop and get to know the person and turns out that they weren’t rude at all, and that my ego was making the story up.

[Listen to the full 30-minute podcast here — you know you want to]

Source 2: Lack of Accountability

The second source of emotional waste is lack of accountability. This is the antithesis of accountability and taking full responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in your life.

Podcast Time

Listen to the full 30 minute interview to learn:

· How can we increase accountability?

· When does your ego come out to play?

· How does is skew your thinking and judgment?

· How can we eliminate mental waste and start living in the present?

· How can we remove negative feelings and take control of our future?

About the author:

Ryan Warner (@Ryan_N_Warner) is an account executive on Salesforce’s Financial Services team. Ryan also co-hosts the TR Talk Podcast, where co-host Tom Alaimo and Ryan interview leaders in their fields to learn how millennials can make an impact in today’s workforce.
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